Why are small businesses migrating to the Cloud solution?

The secure digital movement already marks the delicate period we are experiencing. The quick adaptation of the home office and the digital leap that social isolation has imposed on businesses has given light to what was already a trend before: migration to the cloud. With the growing online market, cyber security in the UK is a real concern for businesses. It is why companies are taking several safety measures. One of them is undoubtedly “migrating to the cloud solution” to facilitate the IT network’s security features.

Migrating to a cloud solution is essential.

Migration to cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) is more prominent in small and medium-sized companies. Usually, companies that deal with large accounts and large software contracts have a more conservative action regarding platform migrations. The pandemic we are facing has put the need for remote work on the radar of all companies. Everyone had to adapt to a new reality. And that moment highlights the limitations of local installation solutions. Indeed, these weaknesses will be the reason for migration to models where availability is a crucial factor. It is undoubtedly one of the primary characteristics of the cloud computing model.

The most significant advantage of cloud systems is dual availability and elasticity. And that advantage is the strength of small businesses. The business infrastructure is increasingly migrating to the cloud and managing a communication solution with cloud technology. Nowadays, it is possible to enable a communication solution with geographic redundancy in just a few clicks. A cloud solution can be made available in a matter of hours and adjusted according to the needs and size of the customer.

The growth of cloud software may pose a threat to hardware models and other enterprise software. But, without a doubt, cloud solutions are here to stay. Gone are when adding new features to your communication solution required a significant investment and the addition of more hardware modules. With cloud solutions, everything is software and is just a click away from activation.

Why are they migrating to the cloud?

In today’s competitive market, you must have the best IT systems to meet customer demands and your company’s operational needs. As midsize and small businesses are already investing in the industry, any investment in technology brings clear benefits to your business. Google knows how to help its customers. Yes, small businesses can rely on the cloud platform. Did you know that cloud computing is a game-changing resource in favor of high productivity and maximum use of your resources?

Control your costs well

With an investment in a cloud solution, you will have a flat fee per month to pay for the service provider. There will be no waste, and your company will only pay for what you use. Thus, your expenses are directly related to the resources used by your team. Without running the risk of excess investment at the end of the month, you will be charged only with the services you authorize.

Focus on your business instead of getting lost with IT services

By placing your IT management in the safe hands of a specialized ICT Solutions UK company, you will no longer have to deal with various tasks and demands related to this infrastructure. The firm contracted to supply your cloud will be responsible for updating the software, its back-up levels, and its protection against viruses and malware. All in real-time: it allows you to pay much more attention to your core business, instead of having periodic headaches to fix your IT infrastructure.

Scale services dynamically

Often, a company makes significant investments in computers and various software to meet a specific demand. But after the contract ends, it waits for another similar service. At other times, deals are lost because there is not enough capital to raise the necessary base to perform the expected functions well. With cloud migration, the manager can predict the capacity requirements convenient for the company’s moment and resize it more or less: according to the demands that arise.

Have more flexibility

The flexibility provided by the cloud can mean the difference between being an innovative company and lagging in the market. If your business strategy involves bringing new products and launches more quickly, cloud solution allows you to reduce delays, approvals in purchasing cycles, fast implementations, speed upgrades in a matter of minutes, and escalations of simpler infrastructure.

Achieve more agility

Good scalability and flexibility allow you to quickly add new applications vital to your business or complete your existing infrastructure. It plays a crucial role in your team’s operational potential. You will be able to provide excellent services in your main activity without having to pay an extra amount for hardware, software, personnel, and maintenance.

Did you find these benefits beneficial, but you still don’t use cloud computing in your company? What are you waiting for to migrate to the cloud now?