Evolution of Field Operation Services

Over the last few years, the Field Operations Services market has evolved tremendously to keep up with emerging technological trends, rising consumer expectations and shortage of talented resources. Industrial manufacturers, companies, and organizations have been working on improving their field operation services to effectively improve their services, productivity, and efficiency.

The introduction of analytics into field operation services eliminates the overload of data and manual effort required to analyze it. It instead provides a clear insight into the roadblocks and the corrective measures for it all in real-time.

With Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning coming into the picture, Field service operations can now utilize predictive maintenance with the help of embedded sensors which allows real-time tracking of assets such as key indicators of machine performance and also the ability to set alerts. This reduces diagnosis time and in turn, makes the process of raising and resolution of service tickets more swift and efficient. Field Operation Technicians have the ability to call for support on-demand if required and can even work with remote, more experienced technicians in complex situations thereby also reducing maintenance costs and the resources spent on hiring a larger workforce.

With the advent of Augmented Reality, workers will have access to the internal schematic of a machine allowing them to analyze the inside of a device before manually opening it up. It could also have downloaded documents with information on the asset to fix and also allows for communication with remote technicians with greater expertise all of which leads to faster problem resolution and customer satisfaction.

With the rapidly changing technology domain, field organizations’ hiring patterns for the workforce has also changed. On-Demand staffing is gaining popularity and replacing the previously existing full-time staffing. This reduces labor costs incurred by companies and enables them to focus on improving their services and core business.