At Edaliso, the key technology areas we focus on are


Most modern organizations are moving to digitalization as a business model for their IT network infrastructure, consequently increasing data volumes, making the implementation of a robust and open source, but secure network application service, mandatory.
At Edaliso, we follow an experience driven service delivery approach, bridging the gap between advanced tools and tangible outcomes. We are globally recognized for our Web Network Solutions and network transformation initiatives having completed 16+ years in the industry and over 50 network system integrations along with ensured customer satisfaction for several OEMs and telecom companies worldwide.

Our modules are driven by stringent SLA compliances, proactive monitoring and 24*7 support. With the introduction of The Edaliso’s Global Services SD-WAN service, we help you make your network more scalable, agile and secure.
We provide complete network management with a single, standard Managed Service SLA across all nodes and components. For globally distributed organizations, this provides significant flexibility, without additional time and resource allocations, hence lower spends. Since all network components are software defined, you can dynamically provision/de-provision and allocate/de-allocate network resources and specialized services. Our system also allows dynamic path selection, load sharing and automation such that remote locations can operate with little or no onsite technical presence.
Moreover, our configurable SD-WAN technology is generally compatible with existing network components allowing you to reuse your existing WAN infrastructure (such as MPLS devices, routers). Since there is minimal need to upgrade current infrastructure, our SD-WAN service becomes simpler, faster and more cost-effective to implement and manage.
Even over a small-time frame of 2 to 3 years, the cost benefits of using a managed service approach to SD-WAN are significant.

We give you unified Governance of all Network resources whether on-premise or cloud-based, giving you a centralized interface (including dashboards and monitoring tools) to get a consolidated view of network performance. This is particularly beneficial to organizations that are expanding their networks very quickly and need to manage highly variable loads.

With our managed network services, you can focus completely on your core competencies and save substantial amounts of money in building and maintaining network capabilities. We minimize the risk of network failure or data loss. With our expertise, we meet the compliance requirements of regulatory authorities with ease once again reducing your workload.

If we’ve given you enough reason to join us, connect with us to learn how we can add value to your enterprise network applications and network portfolios.

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Edaliso makes use of IoT to reduce cost and gain control over your device chain. We use practical applications of IoT to help you capitalize on growth and expand global reach. We aim to Boost efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate innovation with the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly simplifying our daily lives. It’s also reshaping the way companies are doing business. Like the shift to computers and mobiles, IoT solution in Uk is not just a trend, it’s a game changer, boosting efficiency, reducing costs and accelerating innovation and is here to stay.

We have the insight to be aware of the future that IOT brings which we use to help our Clients plan, deliver, integrate and support IOT solutions. We provide IoT solutions across the globe, focusing on medium to large-sized projects. Our typical Clients include telecommunications companies, IoT technology vendors, enterprises and public and governmental organizations.
We focus on supporting our clients throughout the whole integration process, consulting on strategies to expand products and services to remote regions.
Moreover, when the deal is closed, we support our Clients to deploy and integrate IoT solutions worldwide.

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Business environments are changing significantly with consumer demand for mobility and accessibility anywhere and anytime.
The Edaliso Mobility division was established to help enterprises to cope with challenges throughout the process of mobile adoption. We provide solutions and services in areas of Mobile Development, Connectivity and Mobile Application Security to ensure your smooth transition into the world of mobile. Together with our global coverage and extensive partner network we are ready to walk you through your transition to mobility. Our main focus is in the areas of Mobility Assessment and Consulting, Application and customized software development, Production of own hardware and digital signage equipment and Mobile Application Security.

We provide professional services required to install and maintain IT infrastructure and also offer products and technologies that deliver mobility-enabled infrastructure along with business continuity and resiliency services. Our teams support deployment and management of mobile-based business solutions efficiently. Our consultancy services help our Clients tap new customer segments, approach new markets, and expedite ROI.

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Edaliso helps you ensure that your workplace is equipped for cyber threats.
As companies evolve to meet the needs of millennials, considerations need to be made to mitigate the risks of future threats. Digital transformation can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to cyber security and keeping your data, intellectual property and brand image – your most valuable assets – safe.

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides rules for the protection of data across Europe and is designed to give individuals better control over their personal data. The directive on the security of Networks and Information Systems (NIS) helps organizations improve their preparedness for a cyber-attack. Both offer a huge opportunity to drive business growth, and we’re here to help throughout your digital transformation, ensuring end-to-end security for all your services and applications across the world.

We provide extensive technical expertise to deliver end-to-solutions that help you to significantly improve your organization’s cyber security, minimize risks, and capitalize on modern IT technologies.We ensure that your environment has a strong fool proof defence line with the ability to tackle all kinds of threats while ensuring that everything valuable is protected without hampering availability to the organization and third parties. We recognize that any downtime could have a direct impact on revenue and a negative effect on your brand image. Keeping this in mind , quick detection and reaction to threats in real-time is our priority.
We never forget the human factor. Our cyber security in UK are user friendly with no impact on anyone’s productivity. They are easy to manage and provide secure access to your corporate resources and cloud applications. We protect your mobile fleet from the many emerging forms of attack that only an advanced detection mobile solution can provide.
Our security services, powered by Edaliso Cyber-Defence, support you to manage risks across the digital life-cycle. We focus on Core network infrastructure security, Data center security, Access edge and LAN security, end customer device security, mobility and collaboration security.
Our family at Edaliso includes global service providers, OEMS and fortune 500 companies and we’d love for you to join us.

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